How can I help my child?

Technology for autistic children and young adults

autistic technology

There are a lot of exciting technological advances being made to help autistic children and adults. Here is just a small selection that we will add to over time.

Brain in Hand
Brain in Hand is a smartphone app designed to help autistic people set goals, make plans, track emotions and contact family or friends quickly in emergencies.
Visit the Brain in Hand website

Tech Finder from Understood
Understood is an excellent website that features lots of of resources for parents of autistic children, as well as kids with attention problems, sensory issues and learning difficulties. Their website features this excellent Tech Finder to help you find appropriate apps and devices for your child.
Go to Understood’s Tech Finder

AutBuddy is an Android app which helps children perform their daily routines and activities without much parental involvement. Parents can track, monitor and manage their child’s activities and progress. Teachers can use the mobile app to organize all student data in one place.
Click here to visit the AutBuddy website

In it for the long game, ASCme.I.T is an app created by Digital Bubbles (a group of autism researchers from three universities – Bath, Southampton and Sussex). It allows autistic people – as well as families, teachers, professionals, and anyone who supports an autistic person – to share their ideas on what kind of new technology could help them.

Through the app, you can upload a one-minute video explaining your idea. The app is simple, easy to use, and the ideas will be shared with researchers so that new developments in digital technologies for autism can be matched to support the needs of users.
Visit the ASCme.I.T. website

Loc8tor GPS System
A small, reasonably-priced GPS tracking system that can help you find your child or alert you if they wander. This is made in the UK.
Visit the Loc8tor website

AngelSense GPS Tracker and Voice Monitor
AngelSense is a GPS tracking device with interesting features. Tells you where your child is and also allows you to ‘listen in’ on what they are doing (like a baby monitor that works anywhere). Based in the US but available in the UK.
Visit the AngelSense website

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