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Support for siblings of autistic children

Support for autism siblings

Being the sibling of an individual with autism can be very difficult. Here are links to some organisations and services to help siblings cope.

YoungSibs provides opportunities for younger children to learn more about their sibling’s condition and chat to others in the same position.
Visit the YoungSibs website

Sibs represents the needs of siblings of disabled people. Siblings have a lifelong need for information, they often experience social and emotional isolation, and have to cope with difficult situations. Sibs hopes to help people to have positive relationships with their disabled brothers and sisters and to be able to choose the role they play in future care.
Visit the Sibs website

Young Carer’s Support
The Carer’s Support Centre offers support to young carers (those under 18 who look after a parent or sibling) via their website, publications and events.
See this page for more information

Young Carer’s Zoo Pass
The Carer’s Support Centre has a free zoo pass for young carers (siblings qualify) to use for up to eight people for one day.
See this page for more information

Siblings Support Information for Parents
Contact a Family has produced a Guide for Parents of Siblings to help parents to support their non-disabled children. They also offer these tips for parents to help them support siblings.

Babble is a safe online community for young carers. Young carers can share experiences and get advice through the website.
Visit the Babble website

What Are You Doing? A Film about Autism
This is an excellent short film featuring non-autistic children (most of whom are siblings) talking about what autism is and isn’t.
Watch the film on YouTube

Do Siblings Matter Too?
This report from Family Fund reveals the impact a disabled brother or sister can have on a child, highlighting a number of key themes for siblings.
Read the report here

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