How can I help my child?

Service dogs for autism

autism service dog

There are a few organisations that can either provide your family with an autism service dog or teach you how to train a family pet to become one.

Here is an excellent article about how service dogs can help children with autism: The awe and ‘awwww’ of autism service dogs.

Dogs for The Disabled
Dogs have the power to change lives. Research has shown that dogs can improve physical health, reduce stress and develop self-esteem. They can help increase our opportunities to socialise and improve a child’s concentration.

Those positives become even greater when a dog is partnered with a disabled person. It’s also why we are constantly striving to find innovative ways to help people. Dogs for the Disabled provide assistance dogs for individuals with autism. They have an office in the Knowle area of Bristol.
Telephone: 0117 203 3213
Visit the Dogs for The Disabled website

Dogs for Good
‘Our autism assistance dogs transform the lives of families affected by autism, helping a child remain calm and focused in busy places’
Visit the Dogs for Good website