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Our birthday fundraiser!

Bristol Autism Support Fundraiser

On 23rd June, Bristol Autism Support will be 7 years old. Seven! I don’t know where the time has gone but I do know in the past seven years we have run hundreds of meetings, courses, talks, events and family socials. We’ve helped literally thousands of people with our face to face, online, email and telephone support.

The current state of affairs

BAS is currently a Community Organisation. Our application for registered charity status has been submitted and we expect to be a charity by the end of the year. We have big plans for the future! But we need financial help to get there – to help more parents and carers of autistic children to feel less afraid, less isolated, more knowledgeable about their child’s condition and thus more confident.

Over the past several years, funding for council- and NHS-run support have been cut to the bone. Voluntary, not-for-profit organisations like BAS are competing hard for the limited funding that is available. Meanwhile, support needs have shot up.

Bristol Autism Support is utterly devoted to helping parents and carers of autistic children. We particularly want to help those parents and carers new to autism – when fear, anxiety and isolation can be overwhelming. Our goal is to provide more support for families awaiting assessment and for the year post-diagnosis. We need money to do this – to train volunteers, run courses, offer home visits and provide help with things like EHCP and DLA forms.

The BIG Fundraiser!

Between now and the end of June, we are running a BIG fundraiser! We want to raise at least £2,000 during this time. (To be honest, I’d really love to raise £5,000!)

How you can help

Donate, if you can, via our LocalGiving page:

Do something amazing for money! Shave your head, quit drinking, give up chocolate – whatever you feel you can do. Set up your own GoFundMe page and choose Bristol Autism Support as your charity.

Become a Friend of BAS! A Friend of BAS is a wonderful person who donates £3, £5 or £10 per month to help us do what we do. Click here to sign up to the scheme.

Have a bake sale! Bake sales are fun and a great way to raise money. Click here for our BAS bake sale fundraising kit.

Do something else! Have a table top sale at your home or office. Donate your spare change – we’ll even collect it! Sell something on eBay and donate a percentage to us.

Please help us however you can. Everyone knows someone affected by autism. Supporting parents and carers of autistic children creates brighter futures for those children.


About the author

Kate Laine-Toner

Kate Laine-Toner

Kate Laine-Toner is the founder and Chief Executive of Bristol Autism Support.