How can I help my child?

Online autism therapies

autism online courses

Online autism therapy packages that families can implement at home provide an opportunity for parents to help their children at their own pace. Many of these require a monthly subscription fee. However, in return, you are provided with a set programme for use with your child.

These programmes have many positive aspects. For a start, as a parent you can feel more in control of your child’s wellbeing. This can be helpful if you are struggling to get appointments or help from a local authority. They can also be a way of spending time with your child that you may otherwise find difficult to engineer.

Worth trying

One downside of course is they are not free – you must pay for the packages. Also, they can be time-consuming, and may require the purchase of additional supplies and equipment. However, they are worth trying as they can help.

A monthly service which offers therapeutic tasks that may help create new neural pathways. It includes comprehensive improvement monitoring. NB: this programme requires the child to be able to follow instructions.
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“GemIIni is a proven way to teach speech and reading skills to people with autism, Down syndrome, and other special needs. For young children or those with special needs, GemIIni provides a proven solution for parents needing help teaching their child to speak or read.”
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“TalkTools helps those with speech, oral placement and feeding difficulties. Using an approach based on sensory and tactile input. TalkTools combines caregiver and therapist lead approaches. Parents and caregivers can learn the basics of TalkTools, and use these with their child.”
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