How can I help my child?

Help with challenging behaviour

challenging autistic behaviour

Many autistic children have behaviours which upset the people around them. Aggression, biting, hitting, fleeing and self-harming are just a few things causing parents and carers a lot of anguish.

You may wish to speak to your child’s paediatrician or GP about your concerns. This is useful, as the behaviour may have a mental health element that needs referring to a specialist service.

The internet holds a wealth of information about how to handle specific behaviours. Try searching for exactly the problem you are having. You’ll be surprised how many other people have been or are in your shoes and have some advice which may help you.

Useful links

The Foundation for Challenging Behaviour is an excellent website which covers a very wide range of challenging behaviours and what you can do about them. They have local champions in Bristol and North Somerset. Please see this page for more information:

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation also has a helpline, please visit this page to learn more

BIS-NET offers low-cost parent courses on challenging behaviour in Exeter. Visit their website to learn more –

The National Autistic Society also covers behaviour problems on their website at

Cerebra offer an excellent sleep service for families with a child who won’t sleep or is difficult to settle.

The Eating Game was made to support people with a broad range of eating challenges, including autistic children who have a limited diet. It is a resource filled with planning tools, food pictures and suggestions for use that support and encourage people in making healthy food choices. Visit The Eating Game website

Family Fund also have a website dealing with sleep issues. Click here to visit the Tired Out site.

Helping Your Child with Aggression is a low-cost online course that can help you cope with your child’s challenging behaviour.
Click here to learn more and book

In Bristol, First Response can help you if you are concerned about your child’s behaviour. Their flyer is available online here.

The Contact-a-Family runs a fantastic helpline on 0808 808 3555. It is an excellent source of help for all sorts of issues related to looking after a child with additional needs, including help with challenging behaviour.

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation has a list of specialist equipment for children who have challenging behaviour. You can read it here.

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