How can I help my child?

Equipment for autistic children

autism chew toy

Here are some links to autism equipment we have discovered along the way that are innovative and useful.

Tumbling Furniture
Beautiful, hard foam pieces that will help your child develop gross motor skills, build core strength, develop muscles, strengthen bones and encourage imagination.
Visit the Tumbling Furniture Website

Tough Furniture
Tough Furniture are specialists in supplying attractive yet strong furniture. It’s made to suit the special needs of environments where challenging behaviour is a problem.
Visit the Tough Furniture Website

Sensory and educational toys for children with additional needs, as well as guidance and play tips.
Visit the SenseToys website

A huge range of products from specialist cutlery to orthotic sandals and incontinence swimwear. Excellent service!
Visit the Fledglings website

IncyWincy provides great solutions for children and adults who are not toileted. Incontinence swimwear and large size swim nappies for all ages.

Squease provides hug-like pressure which can help children and adults cope with stress and sensory overload, avoid meltdowns, improve concentration or fall asleep more quickly. Deep pressure helps process sensory information more easily and calm the wearer down.

Sensory Oojamabobs
A huge range of chewy jewellery, pencil toppers for great sensory input.
Visit their website

Sewn With Love
They sell personalised emergency seat belt covers, which can say whatever you want on them, relating to your child’s condition. Here is a link – Personalised Emergency Seat Belt Covers.