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bristol autism research opportunities

Bristol Autism Support is often contacted asking if we can share research opportunities with the families we support. This page is where we publicise these opportunities. If you have a research project you would like to promote, please email us here.

Bristol Autism Support has no connection with these external individuals or organisations. Any research opportunities are undertaken at the participant’s own risk and responsibility.

What factors are linked with unusual experiences of autistic children? (10.03.20)

It is common for people to have unusual experiences e.g. seeing, hearing or feeling things that other people cannot, or feeling suspicious of others. These experiences are reported by people of all ages and backgrounds and are sometimes linked with mental health difficulties.

Research has found that that unusual experiences in neurotypical children are linked with various factors. We would like to see if the same factors are associated with unusual experiences in autistic children. Note: to access the questionnaire, click through via the arrow in the bottom right corner of the research page link.

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