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Clothing for autistic children and adults

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Clothing an autistic child can sometimes be hard. Some children have great difficulty with wearing clothing they don’t find comfortable for whatever reason. Other children need help to keep their clothing on, or to stop them from smearing. Here is a small collection of companies that sell clothes for children with sensory issues.

Special Kids Company
Very high-quality long-length popper vests, short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops for the prevention of smearing. Sizes up to age 14.

“JettProof undergarments are made from Calmtex, a light weight, breathable, high quality sensory fabric which was designed for sensory care. They can be worn comfortably under a child’s clothing all year round. JettProof undergarments enable children to wear their favourite clothing (or school uniform) and benefit from this unique calming undergarment.”

Racketys supply a wide range of clothing for disabled children and adults. We love their huge range of larger popper vests and tops.

A huge range of products from specialist cutlery to orthotic sandals and incontinence swimwear. Excellent service!

Clever replacement for shoelaces for people with additional needs.

Another shoelace alternative.

Yet another shoelace alternative! Spoiled for choice!
Visit the Essential Aids website to see Coilers

Seen in
Seamless socks, back-opening sleepsuits and many other products.

Sensory Direct
Offers weighted and compression jackets, tops and belts, as well as products to help with motor skills and occupational therapy.

Marks and Spencer
M&S now have a range of larger-size popper vests and onesies, as well as a range of autism-friendly school uniforms.
See M&S popper vests and onesies
See M&S autism-friendly school uniforms

Sensory Smart Store
Seamless socks, clothing and underwear for children who are extra sensitive to fabric textures. They also sell compression clothing, chewy accessories and other useful products.

Togs4specialsprogs create custom-made clothing and accessories for Babies, Children, Teens and Young Adults with special needs. Their items include clothing that children with motor skills problems can put on themselves, ‘strip proof’ clothing (that the child cannot remove themselves), and a wide variety of clever sensory and clothing solutions.