BAS code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct

We exist to support and empower parents and carers of children with autism in Bristol and surrounding areas. To ensure that our members – both online and in person – feel safe and well supported, please read and comply with the following:

What you can expect from our management team, our volunteers and facilitators. They will:

  • Adopt our core values, policies and procedures and fairly represent Bristol Autism Support to the public
  • Create a safe and welcoming environment for all those who attend our events
  • Treat all member and all other volunteers, management team, facilitators and specialist advisors with respect
  • Any physical, emotional, verbal abuse or rudeness towards other volunteers, associates or members will not be tolerated
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding Bristol Autism Support, its employees, volunteers, members and our work
  • Be reliable. They will make it clear when and how they will be available and meet these expectations, or provide as much notice as possible if they cannot
  • Respond to queries within a week’s time
  • Listen to any member concerns and respond appropriately

We ask that all members, both on Facebook and those who attend our events, to:

  • Treat all volunteers, BAS associates and other members with respect. Any physical, emotional, verbal abuse, harassment or rudeness towards volunteers, associates or other members will not be tolerated
  • Treat all BAS property (including the venues we use) with respect and do not deliberately damage anything
  • Communicate with us if you have any concerns. It is critically important to us that you feel safe, supported and comfortable. If you don’t, for any reason, please tell us so that we may help you. We have a Compliments and Complaints Procedure available to guide you.
  • Supervise and be responsible for their children at all times and ensure that their children also follow this code of conduct
  • Ask for parent/carer permission before taking photographs at our events. If you prefer not to have your photograph, or photographs of your child taken, please let us know

If any volunteer, associate or member fails to comply with the above they may be asked to leave the event and will no longer be able to attend activities. Equally, if anyone involved with BAS has concerns over the conduct of anyone else, please let us know immediately by emailing

No concern is too small. Your safety and happiness, and the safety and happiness of your child/ren, is our utmost priority.

As someone involved with BAS, either online or in person or both, you agree to this code of conduct – please contact us if you have any issues or need further information concerning these terms.