mother and autistic son

About us

Bristol Autism Support (BAS) is a registered charity providing information, support and training for parents and carers of autistic children in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

What we do

  • We create a wide range of opportunities for parents and carers of children with autism to connect with each other. Our strong community helps give parents and carers the knowledge needed to help them better support the children they look after.
  • We provide clear, relevant information about autism to parents and carers. By doing so, we hope to improve the futures and outcomes of autistic children. We use this website, our Facebook page and email to signpost information about local and national services and support. As much as possible, we share the voices of autistic adults because we know they are best placed to teach us about our children.
  • We provide volunteering and work experience opportunities that enable parents, carers and autistic young people to gain skills and improve confidence.

Due to the high volume of requests, we can no longer provide free advice about ‘autism friendly’ events. We would be happy to come to your venue to discuss this for a fee of £100 for a one-hour consultation, payable in advance.

Our structure

BAS exist to serves the local autism family community. Any money that we raise or that is donated is spent solely on events, activities or things that will help families affected by autism in Bristol and surrounding areas. We have strong values. Our funding comes from private individual donations and grants. We have a core team of decision makers that runs the organisation.

We are not council funded. This means we can act quickly to create new opportunities to support families with autistic children, either diagnosed or undiagnosed, regardless of the area where they live.

Read about Our HistoryOur Values and Our Code of Conduct.

What we’re not

Bristol Autism Support is an independent organisation. We are not affiliated with any other charities or organisations. We are not:

Bristol Autism Spectrum Service (BASS). BASS looks after autistic adults. Their phone number is 01275 796 200. Their email address is

Bristol Autism Project, which provides activities for children diagnosed with autism. Their telephone number is 01179 038250 and their email address is Please click here to learn more about the Project.

We are also not affiliated in any way with The National Autistic Society.