Bristol Autism Support values

Our values

Bristol Autism Support is a compassionate, empathetic organisation. We have strong values which guide our work.

  • We support parents and unpaid carers (eg foster carers, relatives, etc.) of autistic children. Our belief is that strong, happy and healthy parents/carers are better able to support autistic children and help them to grow and thrive.
  • We work from a foundation of autism acceptance. Autism is a genetic, neurological difference. Children are born with autism; it cannot be ‘caught’ or ‘cured’.
  • Our work is underpinned by a solid belief in the neurodiversity paradigm, which states that there is no right or wrong mind – all neurologies are to be celebrated.
  • We aim to be as autistic-led as possible, so that we are working within the ‘nothing about us without us’ framework. This is an ongoing journey.
  • We are passionate about improving and maintaining the wellbeing and good health of parents and carers of autistic children in Bristol and surrounding areas. Reducing stress, improving sleep, becoming more assertive and developing a strong network of friends in a similar position to yourself are all key to building resilience and confidence.
  • We aspire to be a bridge between autistic adults and parents of autistic children.
  • We also aspire to be the bridge between autism (education and healthcare) professionals and parents of autistic children.